I Remember

My beautiful daughter, Eliana Saige

A poem I wrote for my daughter’s first birthday. Happy Birthday, Eliana!

I Remember

I remember the first time I felt you move, when you were nestled up warm and peaceful inside of my womb. The beat of my heart was the first sound you heard, and I protected you from the sound of the mad, rushing world.

I remember the first time you opened your eyes. You looked all around, and you let out your first cry. But then you looked up, and mommy and daddy you saw, and you rested in the look of love in our eyes that said, “You are our all.”

I remember the first time you smiled back at me. Your head was resting on my arm and your hand grasping my finger tightly. In that moment, I knew, you were just assuring me that you knew I was your mom and that you really loved me.

I remember the first time I heard you giggle. It was like the angels broke out into a song that would make any heart warm and tingle.

I remember the first time you took a step. You looked at me with excitement, and you held your breath. But you knew that mommy would not let you fall. So you took my hand and walked confident and tall.

I remember the first time you came into my arms in an embrace. I remember the look of love and affection that was written all over your face. You clasped me so tight, and I held you so close, and it is this memory that I will always cherish the most.

Because in that moment, you looked so at rest when I looked down and you had your ear pressed against my chest. You seemed to remember the sound of my heart from inside. It was there, away from the world, where you did peacefully hide.

Always remember, you are my baby, you are my joy and my pride, and throughout your life’s journey, I will be there for you with my arms open wide.


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